The Body Shop VIP Summer Night

About a week ago, all The Body Shops in Belgium turned into beauty walhalla’s during the VIP Summer Night. It was a real treat for every curious soul: it was an evening with exclusive discounts, some refreshments and little bites, make-overs and goodie bags. Curious?

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I’m back!

Hi lovelies! My finals and stress are finally over…  Time to celebrate with a little update. The next few weeks you can expect an overload of blog posts! During my absence I had the craziest amount of inspiration, it’s insane. I’m so excited to start blogging again, I’ve missed it way too much.

In the meantime, something pretty awesome happened: Reporting for Beauty reached 100 followers on Bloglovin’ and WordPress. I’m blown away by your support, really. Thank you so, so much. You’re amazing! I’m definitely doing a give away to prove my thankfulness. MAC lovers, keep an eye out!

It’s good to be back. How have you been?

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LUSH do-it-yourself event at Antwerp

If you ever stumbled upon my ‘Who I Am’ page, you know I love LUSH. Oh sorry, did I say love? It’s more like I worship the drawers the bath bombs lay in. I have an altar with used up jars and LUSH wrapping paper and the shower gellies haunt me in my dreams. I literally can’t walk out of a LUSH without buying something! You can imagine I was beyond stoked to read about a do-it-yourself event from my local LUSH: we would be making our own Angels on Bare Skin. Really guys, how awesome is that? Last friday I grabbed my amazing friend Meryam by her arm and dragged her along with me on our LUSH adventure!

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